Healing for Happiness

Hey, you! Yes, you beautiful human reading this. This site is a collection of all kinds of information that I have picked up on my interesting, emotional, intense, and enlightening journey to better health. Along my journey it was rare for me to find a site encompassing ALL of the incredibly important aspects that make up great health. I’ve consulted with incredible health practitioners, spent years searching the internet, and allowed the universe to lead my way, and I consequently found more than just better health but: Happiness!

What I’ve known deep down my whole life, is that I have always just wanted to feel good. As a generally fussy, grumpy, sleepy child and teenager growing up, as much as I tried to be a naturally happy person it was nearly impossible. All I wanted was to express myself in the beautiful way I knew I could, yet there was always this invisible wall blocking me from who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do. It took 2 years of a mysterious illness to push me to find the answers to the questions I have always had.

It’s a PROFOUND experience now, seeing glimpses of myself as the woman I always felt and envisioned myself to be, and it happened through NONE of the ways that conventional medicine taught me. And though I still have much to learn, and a little more ways to go to feeling my absolute bestphysically, I wanted to chronicle what I’ve already learned because I truly enjoy sharing REAL knowledge (not research funded by Big Pharma, or ridiculous click bait articles), and helping others out along the road to a beautiful life.

Stay tuned for information regarding:

  • Nourishing Diet
  • Why Dental and Oral Health is Important
  • Acne
  • Law of Attraction
  • Physical Beauty (Not What You Think)
  • Green Beauty Products
  • Contrast in Today’s World
  • Serious Detox
  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • Posture
  • Heavy Metals

… And MUCH more, as the healing journey never really stops 😉

Best health to you, and stay tuned!




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